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Fresh Salad

The Old Elm Farm has been a labor of love for owner Theresa Schuller. A local product herself, she was raised in Boulder and stayed close to her roots when she brought up her own family in Boulder County. She brings extensive experience in hospitality and fresh locally grown produce to this charming farm. Over the last 30 years she has owned and operated five different restaurants/venues. She culminated a passion for organic and all natural food while working for an organic and all natural food grocer.

This historic dairy farm is shaded by a stately old American Elm tree, estimated to have been planted in 1898. This unusual tree has escaped Dutch Elm disease despite the thousands of other American Elms that have not survived.  The Elm tree is an ancient symbol of friends, family and traditional values. An extremely powerful tree, its beauty holds warrior-like qualities.  The Elm is full of loyalty, sincerity and truth. The Elm is a grounded and inspiring tree that stands strong over all that look up to it.  The Elm tree holds a message of hope and resilience, able to withstand against all odds.

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